Akeem Haynes

It’s always impossible until you make it a reality. 

Learn how to persevere, become more resilient and

learn step by step how to defy your own personal odds.

We all get hit by life at times and in most cases, life doesn’t always send warning shots. The unexpected blows usually hurt the most, but you can soften the blow by taking a moment too see what you’re up against. In my own personal life, I knew there was a 1.35% chance of me getting a full athletic scholarship at a division one school. Not to mention I had two different learning disabilities. NONETHELESS, 3.5 years later I graduated from the University of Alabama.

In Order to

Defy The Odds

You have to know what your up against!


Experiences shape who you become..

Learn how to look for the good in everything that happens to you and understand that experiences can shape who you are, but how you handle them transforms you into who you become.