Developing A Resilient Mindset With

Olympic Bronze Medalist & Inspirational Speaker

Akeem Haynes

Akeem Haynes Accepting His Bronze Medal At The 2016 Olympic Games In Brazil

Akeem Haynes Accepting His Bronze Medal At The 2016 Olympic Games In Brazil

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Akeem Haynes is becoming a highly sought-after speaker, He has a burning desire to help push individuals through their toughest battles, and show them how they can become more resilient and break down the mental battles that one may face. Akeem’s story of Perseverance, Faith & Hope, will remind you that true strength is developed during our toughest moments, if you can find a way to extract the good.

Akeem Has Worked with companies such as:

I don’t look at life as seeing the cup half empty or half full, I look at life as if i’m the cup, because the cup is the one constant in every variable.
— Akeem Haynes

You will have to pay your dues, you will have to endure many storms, you will have to dig deeper than you ever have, you will hit low points, but the things you envision for your life will remind you to focus on what can be, instead of what is right now.

What you say to you is imperative reaching new heights. Before it becomes a reality, it has to be manifested from within. Why you must be careful of what you say including speakers such as : Akeem Haynes, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Steve Jobs. Video created by : Ian Warner

Sometimes you are going to have to be your own hero. And you know what? You are more equipped for the task than you think. Take a moment and ask yourself, "What's my super power?"

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