A Convo Between Two With - Rob Kerr

On episode #8 of The Underdog Mentality Podcast We catch up with Sportsnet the fan 960 Radio Personality, Rob Kerr. Along with having 20+ years’ experience, he is also on the board of sport Calgary, and many other foundations. He is also a voice for the people of calgary by using his platform to discuss many different issues and matters in the city. Rob and I had a very interesting conversation about his life and how he got to where he is today, not only as a sports broadcaster, but as a man, husband, and father. He also shared some things with me that he's never really spoken about before. Lots of Gems to take from.


Also, towards 1:32:27 to 1:33:04 – The audio gets disrupted due to loss of service, but we smoothed everything out after that final time frame.

Nonetheless, great conversation, lots of knowledge and funny moments.


We get into such things as:


1). How he developed patience as a young man

2). How his mom got him into University without technically graduating high school

3). How he literally ‘Pointed” to his  future profession

4). How he got to the NHL in 5 years

5). The job he accepted, but never worked for them

6). A Lesson on humility

7). How he talked his way into having his own show



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