A Convo Between Two With - Phylicia George

On episode #11 of The Underdog Mentality Podcast. We catch up with 2018 Olympic Bronze medalist in the two man(woman) Bobsled. She is also a 2x Summer Olympian and finalist in the 100m hurdles (2012 & 2016), Phylicia George. Among her many accomplishments in sport, she’s also made history in many different categories, including being the first Black Canadian women to compete in the winter and summer Olympics games and also to come away with an Olympic medal.


We had a great conversation and get into topics such as:


1). From basketball, Volleyball to Track and Field


2). How she changed her mind not to enroll in Med School


3). How she gained belief and confidence in herself to compete with the best


4). The move that helped her grow as an athlete and women


5). How meditation, and writing and reading, played a key role to her Olympic Run


6). How she defines success after all she’s accomplished


7). The Successful switch from track and field to bobsled


8). What it felt like to win an Olympic medal, in a sport that was in her hindsight



Phylicia is sure to achieve much more on and off the track and ice. Her humility and willingness to learn will continue to carry her each step of the way.


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-      Akeem