A Convo Between Two With - Mikel Thomas

Episode #6 Description

Mikel is a 3x Olympian, he competed in 2008, 2012 & 2016 Olympic games for Trinidad & Tobago, he is also the record holder in the 110mh(13.17). A Graduate from the University of Kentucky. A Coach, a man of faith, a visual creator & producer, and most recently pursing a different way to serve, by embarking on the path to becoming a fire fighter.


We get into such things as:

1). The Transition from Trinidad & Tobago to New York City

2). How Track and field helped him gain his own personal expression

3). The Confidence of a man

4). How his mom crushed his spirits on the track

5). How he coached himself in Jr. College, and coached his athletes and made the Olympic team

6). God Will close doors, to test your faith.

7). Patience, Patience and more patience

8). Finding peace in a decision

9). Taking a leap of faith


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