Testimonial Feedback


“Akeem’s speaking captivates your attention and he always brings a message that feels like it was hand crafted just for your ears. He uses his life experiences, struggles and success to paint a picture of life and what it really takes to achieve what you want from it. When he speaks you can hear the passion behind his words and makes you want to get up and go and light the world on fire. At the same time, he brings a truth that everyone needs to hear.”

Found of “WeWake app” - Ian Warner


“To have the opportunity to hear Akeem speak is always a highlight to any day. His ability to connect motivation, and hard work to attaining goals is truly inspirational. His connection with his audience is so organic and evolves as he starts to reach his clientele. If you have the opportunity to listen to, have this man speak to your work team, or sports team it is an investment of time that is well spent. His ability to help people understand what it means to overcome adversity, face challenges head on and still achieve at the highest level is beyond inspirational”

Football Canada Coach - Cody Ehrmann

"Akeem is so young and yet so talented. As a University graduate, Olympic Medal winning athlete and now a novelist, he has experienced highs through the dedication and determination needed to achieve success, while his life story is one that will truly inspire. Hearing Akeem speak is what I imagine Anthony Robbins to have been like when he first started motivating people. I have been so moved by Akeem’s presentations. I therefore give him the highest of recommendations. Look no further for an exceptional motivational speaker."

2003 Grey Cup Winning Head Coach - Tom Higgins

“Akeem is a young man who is wise beyond his years. His story is beyond inspiring, hearing what he’s been through makes you wonder why you complain about anything. A gifted athlete but above that he is a special human being. There aren’t many people who can capture the room as soon as they walk in, His presence is with each word that he says. You can tell that everything he says, he’s lived every minute of it. Akeem is truly a remarkable speaker and the world needs to hear his message. Akeem is worth every single penny and then some. Do yourself a favor and invest in having this young man speak with you company, workers and leaders.”

Former White House Sous-Chef - Keith Luce

“Mr. Haynes, I would like to applaud you on the impressive speech that you gave in June of 2018 regarding “Mental Health”. I was encouraged to attend your speaking engagement last minute by a friend who was also in attendance. I am extremely glad that I was able to attend, as you exceeded our expectations! From the moment you made your entrance and began speaking, you captured our attention and connected with your audience so very well.”

Long Island University Head Track and field coach - Simon Hodnett

“I’ve heard a lot of speakers, been to a lot of conferences, but I’ve never heard someone capture the room like Akeem was able to do at the Kid-sport luncheon. He took us through a roller-coaster of emotions and truly left us in awe. Akeem is very special and inspiring young man, I left the room ready to jump through a wall!”

Kid Sport

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and challenging a room full of young athletes to commit and persevere.

To see a room of teenage boys hang on your every word was very powerful. I can speak for my own students when I say you they saw themselves in you. A role model who is an immigrant, a strong and resilient black man, an athlete, a team player and a loving son. I’m tearing up just thinking about how they flocked to you after your presentation.

I cannot thank you enough for your honesty. Your voice is so important. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The impact you had is immeasurable.”

Alberta Mens Basketball Provincial Banquet Coordinator - Amanda Johnson

“We greatly appreciate you contributing your time to prepare a presentation and speak at our event. Your presentation was exceptional, and extremely well received by everyone in the room. We have received nothing but positive feedback !”

Vice President & Coo of Canada’s Sports Hall Of Fame - Janice Smith

“ What a message shared by Akeem! I don’t think I’ve heard any other speaker connect a message so well with an audience especially ours. Thank you for inspiring us!”

Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada

“Thank you akeem for taking the time to connect with these young men and woman. This was exactly what they needed to hear. It was a great reminder for our staff, we were honored to have you. Just amazing!”

Calgary Young Offenders Center