5 Lessons I’ve learned From My Favorite Characters In Dragon Ball Z

For those who have never heard of the show before, you need to take a weekend and get acclimated to one of the greatest shows of all time. I’m not talking about Dragon Ballbecause there’s a difference.  I’m talking about Dragon Ball Z.  See, only a true supporter of the show knows what I’m talking about.


Want to know if you’re a true supporter of the show?  


If you’re really about that life, answer this:


What is Goku’s real name? 


While you ponder that, let’s begin!



1). Vegeta

Super Vegeta.jpg


“I will not fear this new challenge.  Rather, like a true warrior, I will rise to it.”


Just reading that gets me amped!  Anybody who knows Vegeta knows he’s a true warrior.  He is no doubt the hardest working character in the show.  He just wanted to be the best.  Period. It didn’t matter what it took.  He was going to make it happen.  And honestly, that alone was probably what slowed him down in the long run.  He was trying way too hard to become something that was already in his bloodline. 


Lesson:We face choices every single day.  Some may be hard.  Some may be as easy as getting out of bed or opening our eyes because, let’s be honest, some of us can “play sleep” until the next day!  Regardless, we all have daily choices to make.  What I loved about Vegeta was he consistently made a choice to put in the work no matter what came his way and despite how he felt. You want to talk about habits over emotions?  He’s the epitome of that statement.  He took his losses to heart but came back stronger every time.  I want to remind you today that challenges don’t come into our lives to break us.  Challenges come into our lives to test how bad we want it, whatever it is that we say we want.   You have to ask yourself, “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to rise above my challenges and face them head on?”  “Am I willing to go through what it currently feels like to one day see what my goals and dreams look like?




2). Goku

Super Goku.gif


"What's ridiculous is the creature that doesn't believe in respect. There are certain things you don't do, certain things that are understood.  You don't ever mess with a man's family."



Goku is by far the most popular character in the show.  He’s everything you would want in a human (in this case a half alien).  He’s nice, good character, gifted, treated people well.  He’s the total package.  His greatest asset was also his biggest weakness- his heart.


Lesson:  There were so many episodes where I would say, “What’s wrong with this waste yute!” Goku gave too many chances, like too many chances!  And often times he would give the bad guys another shot, and they would hurt his friends which would ultimately hurt Goku even more.  But I get it.  He was a man of integrity and honor.  He chose to always see the good in people no matter how much wrong they did to him. Nevertheless, Goku would flip the script when a character would attack those he cared about.  He had certain rules in his head that one should never cross. What are your boundaries?  What’s your line?  The reality of life is not everyone has your best interest at heart. In most cases, if you let them, people will take more from your table without bringing anything to offer. Respect your peace of mind enough to not let anyone disturb or uproot what you’ve worked so hard to cultivate and nurture.  



3). Piccolo 

Super piccolo.jpg


“You’ll laugh at your fears when you find out who you are.”



The great Piccolo.  Talk about a true OG in the game!  Piccolo was an anomaly.  You see, what most people couldn’t do, he could do.  Piccolo is two different people combined.  He is both good and bad. Dating way back to theDragon Ballsaga, he separated the good from his body which became a second entity named Kami.  Piccolo became “King Piccolo” which was  basically the bad side.  I guess you can do that stuff if you’re from the planet Namek, huh?  I wonder if Namek is up by there by Mars?


Lesson:  What I really liked about this character was the evolution of who he was to who he became. No doubt about it, Piccolo wanted to be the strongest fighter on the planet.  He was driven by power and would do anything to get it.  His heart and his motives were out of whack.  But as the series went on, he would eventually find Kami and another guy named Nail.  Piccolo became one with those two and became one of the strongest fighters on the show. However, he could only do so because he had completely given up his evil ways.  In other words, he took the necessary time to mature and learn from all of his experiences. His motives and reasons for why he did what he did changed.  You see, our journey to becoming our ultimate selves starts within us.  In order for us to grow in the necessary areas, we must be open-minded and let go of our egos. When you begin to do the work inside and build a foundation for you and no one else,  you become a version of yourself that can outlast any storm that may come your way. When you’re rooted in who you are, it’s hard to be knocked down.  Take the time to figure out what makes you tick, what makes you so different and special. 



4). Gohan

Super Gohan.gif


“No!  I can’t just stay here and do nothing, I’m going down there!  Got it?!  I’m done waiting!”


Gohan eventually goes on to be arguably the strongest character in the show, especially in his battle with Cell.  He found a way to go to a new level in that one. However, dude sure did complain a lot. Yes, he was very young, and he had a lot of growing up to do.  But that’s what was so good about the show.  You could see him physically and mentally grow up and start to grow into who we wanted him to be which was a fierce, strong warrior. 


Lesson: There’s a certain time for everything.  There’s a time to be patient, a time to act and a time to ask for help.  Throughout the show, people were always looking out for Gohan.  He was very young.  He was ambitious but very much naïve.  So many of the characters gave their live to save his.  Many times he was so scared to make a move that he would actually become a liability to his team and those around him.  One day he reached his breaking point.  He had enough of being the one people were always saving. He had enough of being weak.  He had enough of settling to be anything below his best. From then on, something shifted inside of him.  He stopped being that little boy.  He matured mentality and stepped into the fierce warrior that everyone knew he could be. You see, no one can want it more for you than you want it for yourself. You have to be the one to say, “I have to want it for myself and I must do what’s required.”  Don’t be one of those people who wants the help before they even try helping themselves.  I know it’s hard.  I know how confusing life can be sometimes.  But give yourself a shot at doing something great.




5). Krillin



“C’mon Krillin, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.”


Okay, first of all, my guy had no nose.  In all those episodes, they couldn’t have drew him a nose?  That’s stressful enough, right?  Secondly, I know what you may be thinking. “What message could you get from Krillin? Dude barely lasted 3 episodes without dying.”  Krillin got slapped up so much in battles it wouldn’t even make sense.  Every time I would see this guy get excited to go fight, I’d say, “Ha! Why’s he getting so excited to lose?  What’s wrong with this guy?”  I know, I know.   That’s not the positive Akeem you’re used to!  You’re right.  I was 8-11 years old watching these shows.  I was just calling it as it was.  Krillin had a history of losing and getting slapped up.  But what we didn’t realize about Krillin was that he was also creating a habit of excellence.


Lesson: Despite always getting beat up, Krillin was incredibly strong. The reality was that he was just human.  No foreal, he was always fighting people much stronger than him. No matter how strong he got, everybody he fought was just naturally stronger.  They weren’t human.  I used to always wonder why everyone always stuck their neck out for him.  They would sacrifice themselves for him (which is deep in and of itself).  But why did they do that?  Over and over again?  Because of this: He always got back up. He was brave and courageous. He created this habit of fighting for something bigger than himself.  He knew he wasn’t going to win most of those battles.  But he wasn’t fighting just for himself.  He was fighting for everyone who didn’t give up on him, even when his mood and emotions told him he had no chance.  Krillin always gave it everything he had.  That’s something you can’t teach.  That’s something from within. Sometimes, when you’re fighting for yourself and adversity comes, it can stop you in your tracks.  But when you fight for something bigger than yourself, it gives a bigger reason to find a way to persevere through whatever comes your way.  Now I ask you, what are you fighting for?




I hope you enjoyed that read.  For those who watched the show, in the comments below, I would like to know who are some of your favorite characters and what did they teach you?

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