Sunday Reminder #1



Every day you wake up, you get a different feeling. At least I know that I do, and sometimes that feeling depending on what we are dealing with, isn’t always the best feeling. Which is okay, nobody feels great every single day that they wake. 

Life has its way of weighing on us more than we would like it too. It’s not always easy to shake that feeling when your focus is elsewhere. It’s not always easy to be positive when the reality in front of us temporarily sucks. Notice I said temporarily.

In scary movies you can always tell when something is going to happen, usually the music gets louder and they zoom in on the angle and then some scary image pops out and surprises you, but generally you should know it’s coming.

But life isn’t always like that, sometimes it doesn’t send warning signs, it just “Pops out” and we are left to deal with it on the go. However, dealing with it as we go is always our best option. Either you deal with it, or it deals with you.

Problems don’t go away, but the experiences that comes with it as you work through the problems will allow you to find a better way to deal with them each time they arise. The one's who can stay calm during the chaos, will outlast it.

Dig deep today, no matter what it is that is in front of you, remind yourself that it is temporary, remind yourself that this too shall pass. When life forces you to dig deep, find a way to dig deeper. 

You can always stretch yourself more than you think, so dig deep and find a way to dig deeper and keep pressing forward.


And remember, 

This too, shall pass.


-      Akeem Haynes