Kids Know Best

I was having a conversation with one of my therapist in phoenix. Brendon Cole who is a stud of a human being, but along with being a stud he’s also an Olympian, and a Meticulous Physical Therapist and that’s why he’s a beast as what he does. He’s also an all-around good human being, (I can’t speak for everyone BJ. HA!).


We got on topic of talking about kids, and I had asked him if he wanted to have kids one day, and sure enough like it always does, the conversation escalated and went far left when we started in the center. But along with hearing his views and sharing my own, I started to think to myself. What if we thought with purity like kids did?


Take out all the other stresses and components that comes with life’s complications, but what if for a moment, we thought like kids do? We were all kids once before, with pure imaginative, authentic, creative thoughts. We didn’t focus on the negatives at those ages we just focused on all the great things we could do, like fly to mars on our spaceship, or save the planet with buzz lightyear (To Infinity and beyond!) or save Mufasa from Scar in the lion king. That big smile you see on a kid’s face when you let them ramble about what they want to do, is something that we can learn and reflect from.


Try to focus less on what people say you can’t do, and breath life into all the endless possibilities of what you can do. What separates us from any other species, is the ability to focus on one thought over the other.









“I want to be a _______”


My little sister Naila, is four years old. And recently I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and without any deep thought she said a doctor or teacher as she continued to play with her Elsa and Anna dolls (From the movie Frozen). You couldn’t tell her anything, that’s exactly what she wanted to do. I’m sure she got the idea from one of the shows she watches and liked what she saw and wanted to imitate that and in her thoughts, she was already that.


She didn’t think about how many years of education it would take, or what field she wanted to teach or any of that analytical stuff, she can’t even pronounce analytical yet and I think that’s the issue we have sometimes when we know too much.


Sometimes we get so caught up in how much we know, that we hurt ourselves by realizing that we know too much! We psyche ourselves out of doing something before we even try. With all the access, we have nowadays, we can look everything up and instead of paying attention to the positive things, we focus on the negative comments and then we start to doubt if we should even do it.


How many times have we wanted to buy something, and we go online to do our research and read the reviews, and that specific item is 4.8/5 and instead of realizing that 4.8 is a great score, we scroll down to the negative reviews and end up saying “man I don’t know about this”. (I’ve done this). Shoot, with how many people in the world someone is bound to give it a bad review.


We have to remember that there are two sides to each story. Every individual can only look at the world from their own eyes and their own points of views. Our minds have a way of processing the negatives first and most times over- looking the positives, that’s why with anything that we do, we have to take society and their opinions of what they think and processed with a grain of salt. They are only trying to push their point of view from their world, on you.




“We have to take society and their opinions of what they think and processed with a grain of salt. They are only trying to push their point of view from their world, on you.”




Sometimes we have to refer to that inner-kid in us and just say screw it, “IM GOING TO GO FOR IT” if it works out it works, GREAT you’ll look like a genius, and if it doesn’t, well then do what kids do when they fall down when they are first learning how to walk, they laugh and smile and then get back up and try again.


It’s hard to break a kid’s spirit when you constantly and consistently uplift them and tell them that anything is possible and they can achieve it. Somewhere along the way as we got older, we let the world drown out that voice of enthusiasm and optimistic outlook we once had. However, it’s never too late to get that attitude back.


Think about a time when you were young and you believed you could be anything, the thought of that moment should make you smile and fill you up with not only joy, but a sense of hope and ambition as well as purpose. Use that feeling, remember that feeling, and harbour that feeling and keep it with you to always remind you that, you deserve to live a life like the look a kid gives you when you tell them pizza is for dinner! If things are tough right now for you, if you feel stuck, and need a spark. Think about that moment, the thought of pizza alone should bring a smile to your face. It’s all possible despite what anybody says, and it always will be. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you got this.


What would the young kid in you say?


Young Akeem would probably say “Don’t forget to have fun”


25 year old Akeem needs that reminder daily.







As I was watching my sister color, I thought to myself “Would that be the same thing she wanted to do a few years from now? Or even a few days from now? Maybe, maybe not.”. but regardless, who am I to tell her otherwise.


I’ll always encourage her and tell her that she can do anything, even when the world tries to tell her otherwise.


Akeem: “When you become a doctor, are you going to take care of me when I get sick?”


Naila: “duhhhhhhhhhhhh! ha ha ha ha ha”





It’s on You….


Think about all the things you wanted to become when someone asked you “What do you want to be when your older?” . In the comments below I hope that you share with me some of the things you wanted to be when you were growing up. I wanted to be a doctor, a Pediatrician at that, today I am not a pediatrician, but who’s to say it’s too late ;)




God Bless,



Akeem Haynes